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Innovative Steel Works and Fabrication, LLC was launched through experience gained from construction projects in the natural gas industry.  We believed there was a better way to do things and put a high value on customer service through our commitment to quality, technology, and product availability. We noticed that it was very common to have issues with fabricated skids and supports widely used in the gas industry. It is typical for skids and pipe supports to be provided by a separate vendor than the contractor fabricating the pipe in the field. Couple this with the opportunity for subtle differences in pipe alignment and potential errors in design and the end result is often change orders and unnecessary modifications made in the field to make the structural equipment usable. These modifications lead to additional time and money spent to complete the project. Living out these experiences led to our patented VersaSkid design. The developmental goal was to design a universal skid that would not require cutting or welding of pipe supports to locate or re-locate them on a skid. The design had to be extremely strong and provide maximum flexibility for support placement while holding up to the environment. The grid system of the skid is the first part of our solution. The VersaSkid Pipe Supports and Wedge Supports are the next component. The base of the VersaSkid Supports allows them to easily be attached to the VersaSkid using carriage bolts, nuts, and retaining washers eliminating the need to both pinpoint their location and weld them in place. Maximum adjustment of the VersaSkid Pipe Supports allow nine inches of height adjustment in each of the four standard heights. This reduces the likelihood of custom fabrication of stands resulting in shorter lead times. Our VersaSkid design provides customers with a platform that allows adjustment in three different planes.


In addition to our patented structural steel products and barricade system ISW Fabrication provides the highest quality custom fabrication available for the natural gas and pipeline industry. Our state-of-the-art fabrication facilities allow us to complete all necessary tasks including welding, testing, and coating. We can also assist customers with system design and provide final engineer stamped 

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